How Do I End This Year on a High Note?

How Do I End This Year on a High Note?

There’s a difference between going into New Year’s optimistic, prepared and ready to face whatever comes your way versus feeling off-kilter with loose ends that need closure. Thankfully, there are many steps you can take—both personally and professionally—to finish out your year in a great way.

Need ideas on how to do this? Tabitha’s got you covered! Here are some ways to be out with the old and in with the new.

At work:

Declutter your workspace. There’s no better feeling than walking into a perfectly arranged space. Recycle unneeded documents that have built up over the year and clean out forgotten stashed-away snacks.
Reflect on the year’s achievements (and mistakes!). Celebrate everything you’ve done for your team this year, and for your self-improvement, reflect on the mistakes you’ve made as well. Learning from your missteps is the most powerful thing you can do to better the future you.
Write out your goals for the coming year. Whether it be a couple days, a couple weeks or a couple months down the line, having a plan in place puts you in a productive and goal-motivated mindset, as opposed to returning to work and asking yourself, “What was I supposed to be doing again?”
Meet with your team. Oftentimes, if you work with a close-knit group, your success is based on one another’s. Touch base and ensure everyone is in the right spot. If someone is falling behind, working together to help them catch up can put your team ahead.
Finish what you can. Don’t catch yourself making a habit of “I’ll just deal with this tomorrow.” This might work on a Friday-to-Monday basis, but it’ll weigh you down in the New Year. You’ll thank yourself for doing what you can before leaving for the holidays!

At home:

Donate what no longer brings you joy. Whether it’s clothes or a side table that doesn’t match the rest of your living room, donating items helps others find new treasures while helping you get rid of them. Trying to make some extra cash? Try selling items on platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.
Forgive yourself. Mistakes teach us lessons, but it can be easy to internalize them and make us feel less than. Remember that your wrong moves are in the past, so the only thing to do is forgive yourself and look toward the future. You’re doing good things—don’t let your faults distract you from your greatness!
Cancel unused subscriptions. Before you unknowingly spend $100 on a yearly subscription that renews on the first of the year, CANCEL IT! It doesn’t matter if it’s for a streaming service, a monthly delivery or a gym membership you only used once—if you don’t have use for it or you think, “I’ll use it eventually,” you should probably just get rid of it.
Catch up with buddies. Is there someone you’ve fallen out of touch with throughout the year? Grab coffee with them or pay them a visit. It will lift your spirits to be in good company and catch up all the gossip that’s happened since your last meeting.
See your doctor. Did you have an annual visit with your primary care provider? If yes, good job—skip this tip. If not, schedule an appointment! Better late than never, since seeing your provider once a year is key to being proactive with your health.

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