How Can I Make My Body Feel Young Again?

How Can I Make My Body Feel Young Again?

How many times in a day do you say, “My body’s not what it used to be!” Whether it’s an achy joint, a finicky muscle or a random pain, most folks eventually come to the realization that they’re not as spry as they once were. To help you live joyfully, age gratefully, here are some tips for Athletic Training Month to help you kick-start your proactive wellness journey!

Train your endurance.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from endurance training. According to, endurance benefits your whole body and can keep critical organs—like your heart and lungs—in tip-top shape. It can also boost your overall energy. Start with aerobic exercises like swimming, dancing or walking at a brisk pace. If you’re strength training, focus on low intensity, higher repetition exercises at whatever weight is comfortable to you.

Take the time to get a good stretch in.

Everyone should incorporate flexibility exercises into their life—you don’t have to end up in the splits, but training your range of motion as you age will greatly benefit your mobility. Stretching is a widely inclusive activity; it can include anything from doing yoga, reaching to your toes, or doing stretches while seated or in a wheelchair. The internet has countless customizable flexibility routines for your reference.

Find your balance.

Not only are we talking about overexerting yourself while you’re just starting your fitness journey, but working on your balance actually improves other aspects of your overall physical strength, and will prevent your risk of falling and causing injury. Find your dominant leg and get started with one-leg stands, heel-to-toe walks, stair step-ups or any balance exercises that fit your range of motion.

Plenty of these exercises can be done in the comfort of your home, but if you think you may want or need a little help, try a rehabilitation program like Tabitha LifeQuest. It exists not only to help in the case of an injury, but also to prevent any future harm by ensuring your body is working as it should.

And just remember: the hardest part about any wellness routine is starting!

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