How Gardening Helps You Bloom

How Gardening Helps You Bloom

When it comes to gardening, no need to “leaf” it to the experts! Whether you’ve been merely contemplating the idea—or are actively planning the perfect plot in your backyard—gardening is a wholesome, joyful and accessible pastime that folks of all ages can enjoy.

March marks the time to start sowing the first seeds of the season, so here’s some pointers on how to harvest great vegetation and great health, too.

Gardening brightens your life.

The human behavior of cultivating crops can be traced back 12,000 years to the first permanent settlements. It’s in our nature for a reason—gardening is perhaps the most organic stress reliever, chronic condition controller and mood booster there is. All that time spent out in the sun (don’t forget your sunscreen) gives the gardener a healthy dose of vitamin D, which positively impacts just about every tissue and major system in your body.

In addition, gardening is also a great form of exercise. Whether you’re watering a handful of indoor plants or you’re on all fours, weeding a bed of sprouts, it’s an attainable way for just about anyone to fit essential movement into their day.

Gardening helps you age gratefully.

Did you know it’s potentially one of the best activities for individuals with cognitive decline or even just forgetfulness? Studies show that gardening benefits social health, hones cognitive skills and gives the gardener a sense of positive purpose.

Though it’s a hobby you can pick up at any age, the earlier you start your planting pilgrimage, the sooner you start reaping the physical, emotional, psychological and perhaps even spiritual benefits that gardening has to offer.

Gardening is simple to grow into.

Some may have more of a natural affinity—or green thumb—than others, but as long as you’re willing to dedicate time and resources to your personal plot, you’ve got the chops to become a knowledgeable horticulturist in no time.

Start with the basics: sun, water, soil and seeds. Where and when does the sun hit your yard or come through your windows? What’s a realistic plant, fruit, veggie or flower for your climate, soil type and light levels? Research is key for gardening beginners, but once it all clicks, you’ll have healthy greens, tasty herbs and flourishing flowers in no time. Remember: patience and persistence is key!

“Start a Garden” Month serves as a cheer of encouragement for newbies to try out what could very well become a lifelong form of fascination and sustenance via means of home-grown grub. Time to get out there and cultivate your health!

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