New Year’s Resolution: Get Healthier with a Hobby

New Year's Resolution: Get Healthier with a Hobby

Has anyone ever told you to get a hobby? Turns out that’s some sound advice—having hobbies yields health benefits! Not sure what hobby you’d want to start? Keep reading for some ideas.

Would a hobby really improve my overall well-being?

It might sound far-fetched, but having a hobby grants you solace from your otherwise-busy life. An article from Australia’s Department of Health and Aged Care lists several hobby health benefits: lowered stress, decreased depression symptoms and an increase in overall happiness. Taking up an athletic hobby has even more benefits, such as improved heart health. Taking a half hour or more out of your day to do what you love has its perks.

How do I know which hobby is right for me?

Unless you take to a hobby right away and absolutely adore it, you’ll probably experience some trial and error when finding the perfect hobby for you.. There’s plenty of categories to choose from: musical, athletic, artistic, philanthropic and more. Be aware that sticking to your hobby will take a little dedication and consistency at first, but in no time, you’ll be an expert!

Here’s Tabitha’s picks for some healthy, brain-stimulating and fun activities:

Learn to play a musical instrument. Like a mental puzzle, the challenges you face while learning can combat cognitive decline.
Go for long walks. Dressing weather-appropriately and getting out and about—either by yourself or with your pet—can help clear your mind and allow you to reflect on aspects of your life you may otherwise ignore. It’s a great way to improve your physical health and help start your fitness journey, too.
Crochet a scarf, a sweater or a whole getup. Crocheting is a beginner-friendly, universal craft that doesn’t require a lot of money or items to start. It’s reported that the repetition of crocheting actually releases the happy hormone, serotonin, in your brain. Imagine how much serotonin you’ll receive when you gift a loved one your hand-crafted pieces!
Volunteer for an organization you’re passionate about. When you give your time and talents, not only are you doing good for others, but you’re doing good for yourself. Volunteering can Connect you with a new group of friendly faces you may not have met otherwise, and it can add a little more physical activity to your life.

If this sounds like your type of hobby, consider checking out some of Tabitha’s purposeful volunteer opportunities!

A great New Year’s resolution is integrating a new hobby into your life—and sticking to it! Practice makes perfect, so you may find yourself a pro at your new activity by the end of the year.

Best of luck on your pursuit to find a new hobby!

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