How Can I Set Healthy Boundaries?

How Can I Set Healthy Boundaries?

Happy and healthy relationships take some time, trust and… maybe a little bit of luck? Not quite. Setting boundaries with those around you is one way you can clearly advocate for your well-being. From work to family and friends, having clarity in your relationships is key.

Here are some basics to setting healthy boundaries:


Examine facets and relationships in your life that need to be redefined. Lifestyles and relationships are constantly evolving and changing. Naturally, these patterns reflect your needs. Narrowing down what “is” and “isn’t” working begins an internal conversation toward positive change.


Before making strides to change, accept that some things are just out of your control. This will prevent unrealistic boundaries and help you focus on more-relevant areas of improvement. Feel seen in these discomforts and instead ask, “How can I express personal kindness while making these changes?”


Boundaries are, at their roots, cause-and-effect relationships. Your mentality and actions are flipping the previous script and setting new rules. Therefore, it is important to define exactly what is “wrong” and how you will enact a constructive change moving forward.


Take these new definitions and condense it for others. Voicing your boundaries could be as simple as saying, “No, thanks,” or “I don’t agree.” Everyone has the right to define what they do and think.


Spotlight your sense of self. Since boundaries are personal, you can’t define them for others or control their actions. When communicating boundaries to others, use “I” phrases such as, “I need some time to clear my head.” Shift frustration if others aren’t respecting boundaries by circling back to acceptance and redefining your future actions.

Setting boundaries can be intimidating, but it’s crucial to Cultivate yourself a safe space for positive growth in relationships and the self. At the very least, gratifying the importance of your happiness boosts self-esteem.

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