Help Your Skin Age Gracefully

How Can You Make Your Skin Look and Feel Better?

Did you know aged skin takes longer to heal from an injury? For older adults, skin can become drier, thinner and look less smooth. Veins and bones can be more easily seen. Years of being out in the sun can lead to wrinkles, age spots and even cancer.

Although aging is inevitable for any organ, there are easy steps you can take to reduce and slow down the skin’s aging process.

• Stay hydrated to relieve dry skin and itching
• Avoid hot baths and showers, and use mild soaps and moisturizers daily
• Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables high in vitamins A, C and E to keep your skin healthy and prevent bruising
• In direct sunlight, seek shade whenever possible and use sunscreen to reduce the onset of age spots and skin tags
• Avoid using sunlamps and tanning beds
• Check your skin often, and consult your doctor with any concerns

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