Keeping Hope Keeps Up Your Health

Keeping Hope Keeps Up Your Health

Ever been in a rotten mood where nothing seems to go right? Maybe you spilled your coffee or stubbed your toe. Did you instinctively think, “This day is ruined,” or rather, “It can only go up from here!” defines hope as “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.” For April, National Month of Hope, here’s some reasons to keep your cup half full.

A hopeful you is a healthier you.

Hope is an active approach to bettering your life, pursuing your goals and lifting your spirits. The American Psychological Association states that remaining hopeful during tough times can reduce stress, depression and feelings of helplessness. Even if it feels easier to curse at the world on a crummy day, painting your present and future in a positive light will help inspire you to overcome obstacles.

Hope makes the world a better place.

Spreading hope is just as important as having it! By extending your optimism to those around you, you make the world brighter. Spreading hope doesn’t have to be a massive gesture—it can be as simple as spending quality time with your loved ones or doing an act of kindness for a stranger. Your actions may motivate others to maintain hope in their own lives, leading to a domino effect of positivity in your social circles, communities and the world as we know it.

Staying hopeful will help you live joyfully, age gratefully.

Studies have been conducted on hope’s unexpected effects on aging. By living with a hopeful mentality, older participants recorded lower risks of mortality, cancer and decreased psychological distress. Additionally, an Oxford study discovered that younger generations may have a more positive outlook on aging after spending time with older adults who live joyfully and with a sense of purpose.

Having a hopeful disposition will open many doors in your future. Even if there is a day when you shatter your most cherished mug, there will be another day where you’ll discover a new favorite.

Think of this as you face challenges throughout life. As you endure hardship, keep going. By thinking of the good days to come, you will eventually be led right to them.

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