How Can I Be More Energetic?

How Can I Be More Energetic? | Tabitha Tip

Energy: we all have it and we all want more of it, but how you go about seeking it out is important. Selling the idea of an instant energy boost is a million-dollar market and—living in a fast-paced culture—it’s not hard to see why.

Here are some tips on how to say “no” to products that promise energy and say “yes” to boosting your own in a more holistic manner:

Reach past that Red Bull and grab a tall glass of water.

Yes, water—the body’s natural fuel! Water’s energetic effects stem from hydrating cells, and adequate hydration of cells in the body keeps muscles energized and blood flowing to the brain, which in turn keeps the body alert.

While you’re at it, pass up the alcohol too. (Even the seltzers!)

Alcohol is a depressant that targets the central nervous system. Consuming even one drink during the day can make the rest of the evening drag. However, drinking at night has the opposite effect, as it disrupts REM sleep and tanks your snoozing quality.

Sleeping better should be your #1 goal.

It’s no secret that elevated energy is directly tied to sleep, but when it comes to sleeping, science is in agreement with quality over quantity. A good rule of thumb for great sleep is to cut down on energy boosters and technology before bedtime. Fighting to stay awake is part of the reason your energy can feel low, so allow to feel that tired feeling before bed.

When you can’t siesta, salsa!

If you find yourself in a bind for midday energy, get up and move around. Due to the circadian rhythm, many experience a lull of activity during the afternoon. Instead of a quick correction with energy-inducing products, try some good old-fashioned exercise. Movement will deliver oxygen to the cardiovascular system, basically kick-starting the body’s motor.

Consider a moment of reflection.

Stress is fatigue’s best friend and, after all, misery loves company. Reflecting on stress-inducing issues can help alleviate the body’s unnecessary energy expenditures. Since too much stress overstimulates the nervous system and drains your energy, taking a moment to step away and calm the nerves saves energy that could be used better elsewhere.

Truth is: there’s no quick fix to boosting energy day in and day out. Feeling refreshed takes discipline and a lifestyle that supports the body’s natural renewable energy. However, this energy is longer lasting than a quick fix off the shelf. If you are experiencing extreme fatigue, or want more tips on how to naturally cultivate energy, reach out to a medical professional.

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