How Can Mentality Determine My Health?

How Can My Mentality Determine My Health?

Two huge facets of health are achieving physical goals and working toward recovery. Those who defy the odds with their health are praised for showing admirable strength and dedication. However, the journey it takes to achieve that moment is often overlooked, and with it, the knowledge of how to begin the overall process.

Before launching into hefty goals, consider your mentality. Working toward small adjustments in thinking can promote longevity in a health journey and encourage a problem-solving outlook on life. Setting mindful habits is a clear way you can continually advocate for your health.

Clarify what you are trying to achieve and set the standards.

When beginning your health journey, it’s helpful to start by searching for the what, when, why and how. It might seem silly to break down what you may intuitively know, but these simple questions leave little room for doubt later in the process. They also serve as a reminder of the personal importance of your goal. Whether it’s rocking summer swimwear or gaining mobility to continue doing the things you love, it is always good to have a little inspiration waiting for difficult days of your journey.

Leave that ego out the door — and down the street.

Part of achieving an “I did it!” moment is accepting that there will be times you can’t do it. This can be disheartening or enthralling—it all depends on your perspective. By embracing the likelihood of bumps along the way, you learn to appreciate the little wins, which can boost your positivity and self-assurance. Instead of racing toward the finish, take a moment to bask in your hard work and dedication. Celebrate the mentality that those who achieve their goals were once the person working hard to make them a reality.

While that ego is on its way out, let others in.

Good problem solvers know when it’s time to call in backup. Being self-aware during a health journey means you have the ability to recognize when it’s time to reach out for support and expertise. Whether it’s calling an old friend for some kind words, reaching out to a health professional for assistance or teaming up with others to pursue goals together, Collaboration is a great way to stay on track and add outside encouragement. Letting others in can help keep you accountable for the standards you set for yourself at the start.

Be kind to yourself.

Go the extra mile to be kind to yourself—it’s the key to showing up mentally every day. Negative self-image directly contributes to negative reinforcement. Therefore, the harsher the self-talk is, the slower your progress may be. Motivation comes from a loving mind, so advocate for yourself with kindness and patience. This may take shape in reading motivational materials, cutting out negative self-speech or appreciating you for just being you. Establishing a friendship with yourself is a principle in life, but especially in health.

All these patterns of thinking take time to implement and mindful work to achieve. However, by Cultivating a habit of positive thinking, those seeking to achieve their health goals can be resilient in their efforts. Embracing the journey is half the battle, and learning how to love the process is a sure way to boost chances at success.

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