How Can You Mourn the Loss of a Loved One During a Pandemic?

How Can You Mourn the Loss of a Loved One During a Pandemic?

At any time, grief is difficult. Grief during a pandemic is even more intense.

The challenge of social distancing has added many obstacles and new emotions to the journey of grief. Our day-to-day lives are filled with more stress and uncertainty due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). You may have experienced several types of loss since the pandemic began: employment or changes to income level, lack of education opportunities, diminished freedoms, social interaction or coping with the loss of someone you hold dear.

As you grieve, you may process many feelings simultaneously—sadness, love, loss of role, purpose in life, relief, regret, acceptance or anxiety. Due to the pandemic, you may feel an added sense of anger or guilt at not being able to be with your loved one during their final days. You may feel cheated out of properly saying goodbye, wish you could have done more to honor their life and through it all, long for comforting hugs from friends. Everyone’s needs are different and require varying levels of support and coping mechanisms.

Try these helpful tips to help you cope during unprecedented times:

• Utilize credible books, blogs and websites for grief education
• Give yourself a break from social media and the news
• Take time to pray, read scripture, participate in a worship service, meditate or practice other spiritual rituals
• Try to get adequate sleep, eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated
• Look through photo albums or create a new memory book
• Write in a journal to express your feelings in a healthy way
• Cuddle with pets
• Meet a friend outdoors for fresh air while maintaining safe distance
• Join an online grief support group in your community

Tabitha Hospice hosts ongoing grief and support groups that are open to anyone in the community experiencing loss or needing support. Regardless if your loved one was served by Tabitha, you are invited and welcome to participate. Registration and participation is free.

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