Invaluable Volunteer: A Native Calling

Invaluable Volunteer: A Native Calling

While growing up on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota and raising her siblings, Phyllis Stone learned the importance of community as a support network, an education, an extended family and a way to survive.

Because community raised her, she understands the importance of giving back and helping others. Today, Tabitha is the lucky recipient of her Care and dedication.

Phyllis served as a sixth grade teacher and adjunct professor for seven years at the reservation’s Tribal University. After moving to Lincoln, she taught native language at the Indian Center and helped at the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs.

Phyllis also founded the local Women of Color organization, a former statewide organization that provided networking and educational opportunities to minority women.

In need of a little assistance at home, Phyllis was introduced to Tabitha, first as a Tabitha Meals on Wheels recipient, where she developed a close friendship with the program’s coordinator, Susie Brown.

Then, Phyllis gave back to the program as a Volunteer by delivering hot meals to Lincoln city residents.

After 10 years, she continues to serve Tabitha. You’ll find her welcoming guests, Residents and Tabitha TEAMembers when she is not busy giving lectures on Indian culture or sharing her time at the Indian Center.

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