Dedicated to Delivering: Matt Taylor

Dedicated to Delivering: Tabitha Volunteer Matt Taylor

You may be familiar with local business owner, Matt Taylor.

Named Downtown Lincoln’s Young Entrepreneur a few years back, he is as dedicated and invested in the community as they come. In the past year, he has been busy determining the way forward for his Haymarket businesses, Tavern on the Square and The Other Room.

Yet despite it all, he still finds time to deliver meals every Friday as a valued Tabitha Meals on Wheels Volunteer.

While most Volunteers pair up to deliver meals, Matt generally goes it alone.

“Since my mom passed away, this is something I do that reminds me of her and my upbringing,” Matt shared. “It’s an homage to my mother. Not to mention, it’s a great program and it matters to me.”

When Matt was a kid—growing up in the western panhandle town of Sidney, Neb.—his mom frequently delivered Meals on Wheels. In the summers, that meant Matt and his sister, Maggie, were along for the ride.

Matt described, “My Mom was a chatty person, so we’d spend time and talk to those receiving the deliveries. Having young kids around brightened many people’s spirits, as we were often the only people they would see that day.

“As for my mother,” Matt added, “it was all about teaching us work ethic.”

Matt lost his Mom, Cindy, to leukemia back in 2001 when he was only 15—yet it is clear her caring nature lives on in him. His Dad, Larry, was also very involved with Tabitha until he relocated to Arizona.

Why Tabitha Meals Matter

Matt continued, “There are a lot of people who can’t go out and get groceries and meals. Tabitha Meals on Wheels not only provides affordable, prepared food—Clients also get to see someone, with the added benefit of a safety check.”

As he no longer has living grandparents, this is Matt’s way of giving back to older adults as well.

“We deliver to a lot of great people. They’re so thankful,” Matt added. “Maybe they don’t have any family or they live out of town. Seniors are an important sector in our community. They’ve seen a lot of things in their day, and we can learn a lot from them.”

Impact of COVID

Tabitha has worked tirelessly to ensure meals are delivered safely during the pandemic.

“This is a strange year to deliver,” Matt commented. “We drop the meal at the door, knock and ask how they’re doing from a distance. I actually like when they have a little chore for me to do, like move a table or take out the trash. That makes it feel even more worthwhile. I’ve also delivered to a bunch of different routes. I’m going to places in Lincoln I’ve never been before. My navigation is getting better.”

Volunteer Experience at Tabitha

“Every person I’ve met associated with Tabitha has been really wonderful. I love the people involved with Tabitha Meals on Wheels, and I love how it helps,” Matt said.

“It’s unbelievable the logistics involved in order for Tabitha to put this together, and the amount of Volunteers (over 1,000 strong) who make this happen is really heartwarming.”

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