Making Great Connections at Tabitha’s James House

Making Great Connections: James House

Nonprofit Tabitha linked two of the original Tabitha Green House Homes (now referred to as Tabitha Residences), Martin and Good House, at our main campus in the heart of Lincoln.

This now Connects  the houses and the lives of Residents and TEAMembers who live and work in them. The new addition includes four private suites, a beautiful spa, a bright and inviting activity room, welcoming outdoor green spaces and new work areas.

More so, this provides more space overall for Residents, family and TEAMembers.

With these changes also come a new name and updates for the Martin House, which opened in 2006. It was the very first of its kind in Nebraska, and only second in the nation. It has now been thoughtfully refreshed and dedicated as the James House.

These unique, residential-style houses provide all the comforts of home. Here, long-term care Residents receive the support of skilled nurses while directing their lifestyle and remaining as independent as possible.

“We are thrilled to continue to evolve our Tabitha Residences model to meet the needs of local Seniors,” said Christie Hinrichs, Tabitha President & CEO. “Residents, their families and guests will greatly benefit from the upgraded amenities and living spaces. The combined areas will also allow for a more cohesive approach between nursing teams and ensure Tabitha continues to deliver exceptional quality care.”

Tabitha Residences have proven to result in better clinical outcomes, reduced hospitalizations and unprecedented client satisfaction and comfort. Elizabeth and Martha Houses sit across from James and Good Houses near South 47th and ‘J’ Streets.

Three other Tabitha Residences are located at Tabitha’s Williamsburg campus in south Lincoln, with two additional Residences in the unique rural setting of Crete, Neb.


Jim served in the Army during World War II

Jim served in the Army during World War II

The Man Behind the Name

James House’s name derives from the generosity and memory of James “Jim” Michael. He is linked to Tabitha by longtime Tabitha supporters, Rose and Greg Bouvier.

Jim was Rose’s father who loved his home and understood the value of quality care. As an entrepreneur, Jim spent his time creating Connections of lasting quality. The expansion to create the James House reflects his family’s desire to honor his vision for quality care in a home environment.

From an early age, Jim had a thirst for knowledge and a love for books. He honorably served our nation in World War II and was part of the second wave of soldiers who liberated the Dachau Concentration Camp.

Jim seized the opportunities afforded to him and dabbled in businesses, eventually focusing on food companies and then physical rehabilitation. He never imagined he would have the level of success he did.

Jim sharing time with his granddaughter, Emile Bouvier

Jim sharing time with his granddaughter, Emile Bouvier

Jim and his wife Carey raised five children, all of whom are grounded in the things that truly matter: faith and family. Jim and Carey traveled the world and after her passing, Jim spent months at a time abroad.

After suffering a stroke, Jim knew he needed to go home. He fully settled back into the home where he and Carey had raised their family.

Jim told his children, “Take care of me in my old age.” He loved his home and was blessed to be supported by nurses who showed tremendous and compassionate care.

The James House honors Jim by providing compassionate care, with an understanding that nothing brings more peace of mind than the experience of a home.

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