Perfect Ratings for Tabitha Senior Living Communities

Tabitha Residences—Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing in Crete offers two distinctly designed, residential-style houses offering older adult-centered care with the support of an exceptional nursing team.

All of Tabitha’s 11 long-term care skilled nursing living communities have recently been awarded a five-out-of-five-star overall rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This score is based on a rigid collection of staffing, health inspection and quality measures related specifically to the living communities’ long-term care and skilled nursing services.

“This exceptional accomplishment is the result of hard work and Collaboration among very dedicated and compassionate Tabitha TEAMembers,” stated Brenda Soto, Tabitha Vice President of Clinical Quality. “At Tabitha, our focus is on each Senior’s unique needs, and we listen and learn to understand what matters most to them and their families, working diligently to meet and exceed expectations by providing expert, quality care.”

Tonya Richards, administrator of Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (TNRC)Journey House Skilled Nursing for End-of-Life Care and Tabitha Residences: Good, Martin, Elizabeth and Martha Houses, located in the heart of Lincoln on Tabitha’s main campus, shared, “We are laser-focused on providing the very best care to Seniors and are pleased our ratings reflect our high standards.”

South Lincoln’s Williamsburg neighborhood is home to two additional Tabitha Residences: Cove and Harbor Houses.

“I am both proud and grateful for these Tabitha Residences to receive this recognition, and I give credit to the outstanding team who make great things happen here every day,” said Kelsie Ryan, Tabitha at Williamsburg Administrator.

Two additional Tabitha Residences, Tabitha in Crete’s Douglas House and Residence #2, are located in the unique rural setting of Crete, Neb.

“I am thankful to oversee Tabitha in Crete’s great group of individuals who provide excellent Customer-Centric care. We are honored to support our neighbors in Crete and the surrounding area,” added Sherri Due, Tabitha in Crete Administrator.

Tabitha’s nursing professionals work alongside Residents, their physicians and their families at each of these living communities to provide personalized care, ensuring Residents live comfortably and their pain or symptoms associated with chronic illness or disability are managed.

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