Inspiration Powered by Passion & Purpose

Inspiration Powered by Passion & Purpose — Sue Hill

Ever met someone who instantly lights up a room? A person who everyone naturally gravitates towards—whether it be for support, direction or a laugh?

If you had the good fortune to be in Sue Hill’s presence, you have! Tabitha was gratefully on the receiving end of her talents as she built her career, holding several leadership roles throughout the organization.

Sue did not just work at Tabitha; she was an integral part of it. The philosophy and positivity she promoted are hallmarks of our Culture, embedded in our Core Values and reflected in our PURPOSE of empowering people to live joyfully, age gratefully.

Sue courageously battled and kept cancer at bay since first being diagnosed at age 25 and then again at 61, losing her bout in July 2020 with the same dignity and bravery that she displayed throughout her life.

Sue courageously battled and kept cancer at bay since first being diagnosed at age 25 and then again at 61, losing her bout in July 2020 with the same dignity and bravery that she displayed throughout her life.

To Celebrate her legacy, Tabitha established the Sue Hill Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Sponsorship. Grateful recipients are already reaping the benefits by furthering their careers.

Through this sponsorship, Tabitha ensures Sue’s spirit lives on through like-minded, Caring  healthcare professionals.

“Let’s not waste the gift of time, let’s not procrastinate, let’s not settle, let’s stop doing what’s not working, let’s pursue what we know is right and true, let’s live for God, let’s love each other unashamedly.”

Inaugural Sponsorship Recipients

To kick off this program, three deserving individuals and current Tabitha Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (TNRC) TEAMembers were awarded this sponsorship opportunity: Kathleen Palma, Mircy Giron and April Stolley, each studying through a hybrid course offered through Southeast Community College—Milford Campus.

Kathleen Palma

Kathleen Palma

Kathleen Palma, Resident Assistant, always wanted to be in healthcare, with a goal of becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). She wants to be a part of what Tabitha does—help people better their lives. “I like how CNAs are centered around helping people.”

What excites you most as you start your career at Tabitha?

“I am most excited to begin working with Residents and supporting them. I look forward to getting to know about their lives and joining Tabitha’s team. I’ve already been treated very well and look forward to working with many wonderful people.”

What has this sponsorship meant to you?

“It has been very special to be a part of this program. It opened a huge opportunity for me right when I needed it. It gave me the chance to begin my career in health care. I feel very honored and humbled to be selected into the program, especially after learning about Sue Hill and her impact.”

April Stolley

April Stolley

April Stolley, a Care Partner, has been thinking about healthcare for quite some time. She made the transition after working 16 years in retail. She’s driven and wants to explore nursing.

“I’m most excited about making a difference in the world and getting to meet new people. The program means a lot to me. It gives me a chance to go to school and work towards a great career.”

Mircy Giron

Mircy Giron

Resident Assistant Mircy Giron has always wanted to be a nurse, but needed to work before starting her education. Her goal is to be a RN, and Tabitha’s CNA class was a great opportunity to grow into her career.

“It was a great experience for me, and I enjoyed the class and the people I met!”

Sue Hill CNA Sponsorship Overview

Candidates may apply for a loan of over $1,500 to cover Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) tuition, books, supplies & a stipend

Selected candidates:

  • Enroll & complete CNA courses
  • Learn about Sue Hill’s philosophies & impact
  • Complete a four-hour job shadow session at Tabitha
  • Meet state requirements for Nurse Aide Registry
  • Apply & be hired into full or part-time position at Tabitha
  • Loan forgiveness begins at employment, fully forgiven at six months for a full-time position & nine months for a part-time position

Would you or someone you know be a great fit? Apply today!