Leader to the Core: LPN to LPN Nurse Manager

Clients and families experience Tabitha’s exceptional Care firsthand, every day, because each TEAMember approaches their work with Tabitha’s Core Values in mind. Mindy Mohler is a prime example of Tabitha’s strong attention to Culture.

Mohler is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and has grown and shared her talents at Tabitha for 21 years as an LPN, and later, LPN manager.

Originally from Cedar Creek (near Louisville, Neb.), Mohler studied nursing at Southeast Community College in Lincoln. She worked for Community Alternatives of Nebraska before joining Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (TNRC) and has spent the majority of her career supporting Seniors in long-term care.

She credits her positive work experience to TEAMembers who’ve been Committed to Tabitha for years, passing along their knowledge and compassion, including the nurse who mentored her.

“I love Tabitha’s atmosphere, especially the people,” Mohler said. “I’ve developed a lot of relationships over the years. It’s a great organization and I appreciate all that Tabitha represents.”

Mohler assisted with the opening of Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s original third-floor short-stay rehabilitation wing, “3LifeQuest,” before transitioning back to long-term care and being promoted to manager.

As an LPN Manager, she’s responsible for overseeing nursing staff and managing Client care plans. Becoming a manager was an easy and natural transition, as she already knew the team and Residents well. She values providing quality, personalized care for Residents and their families.

“As a manager, it’s important to share with TEAMembers the ‘why’ of what we do—so they see the reasoning behind it,” Mohler said. “I always want my team to know that they can talk openly to me and that I support them.”

Having recently moved her mother to an assisted living community near her hometown, Mohler also shares the unique perspective of being a Client and knowing what it takes to make a senior living community inviting.

Because of her experience, she puts extra effort into Connecting with every Resident and their family to understand their unique needs.

“TEAMembers should be inviting; it creates a welcoming and happy atmosphere,” Mohler added. “This comes easy for me; that’s just who I am.”

Mohler shared it’s essential to be real with Clients, having genuine conversations about what’s going on in the world while also having  fun and making people smile. Her open personality and Caring demeanor make her a natural leader and valued TEAMember. A testament to the relationships she builds, Mohler often keeps in touch with families of those she has supported.

“Every Senior has a story,” she said. “Learning about the background of Clients and their families helps us care for them. It helps to understand what’s important to them.”

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